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We answered all your questions about Bizim Mutfak

Our soups are prepared by drying natural ingredients such as vegetables, grains, legumes and spices, which are picked seasonally, selected meticulously, and free of preservatives. We present real ingredients used in homemade soups in dried form, with meticulously-prepared recipes, in packaging that protects against air, moisture and light.

Yes, all the ingredients are natural.

No preservatives are used in our soups.

None of our products contain pork, lard or additives derived therefrom. You can see the Halal logo on our products after halal certification.

Gluten is a protein found in certain grains, particularly wheat, rye, barley and oat. Bizim Mutfak products contain gluten. People who suffer from coeliac disease must take notice of the gluten warning on packages/labels. We do not yet have any gluten-free products in our product portfolio, as different products share the production line.

Boasting cutting-edge production facilities, Örgen Gıda produces bagged dried food that is easy to prepare and satisfies the Turkish palate with sustained quality. Prioritizing Food Safety systems at every stage, from supplier selection to raw materials, product and process controls to shipment, Örgen Gıda ensures and warrants top-notch quality with its existing systems and technology.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System TS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 14001 Environment Management System Halal Food

A Food Safety Management System is applied for Hygiene and Food Safety in our factory. The procedures are reinforced with employee training sessions and regular follow-up activities, and system activities are regularly revised.


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