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Our soups contain a mixture of 100% legumes and grains selected with due care for that real taste.

Lentil Soup with Quinoa

There is a mixture of 100% legumes and grains carefully selected in our soups for you to have the real taste.


Quinoa, which contains high quality protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals, is much richer in terms of nutritional value than many grains. Because of these properties, quinoa which is in superfood class does not contain gluten at the same time.

Red Lentil

It is one of the indispensable legumes of Turkish cuisine. It is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, folic acid, calcium and iron.

Green Lentils

Green lentils are dried legumes and are a real source of protein. It is a legume with high nutritional value with vitamins.


Rye stands out because it contains a higher amount of dietary fiber than other grains. Due to its high water binding capacity, it gives a feeling of satiety when consumed.


It is rich in zinc, iron and magnesium minerals and vitamin B. It meets most of the daily folic acid requirement.

Brown Bulgur

Brown fiber bulgur, which contains high percentage of fiber, has the property of keeping it full for a long time due to its low glycemic index. In addition, brown, bulgur, which stands out with its zinc, bran, chromium and magnesium content, is a rich source containing all B vitamin groups except B12.

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