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Bizim Mutfak was established in 2002 with the aim of bringing convenient tastes to your kitchen with its wide product range. When the products on the shelves began reaching out to consumers’ tables, Bizim Mutfak became the irreplaceable choice of taste connoisseurs. Bizim Mutfak became part of the Japanese food giant Ajinomoto in 2017. With the power it gets from research and development (R&D) works of world’s 14th largest food firm Ajinomoto, Bizim Mutfak continues to offer the most delicious products to you.


Our Taste Story

Soup, bouillon, meatballs and crunchy breadcrumbs, pudding, whipped cream, chocolate sauce… Everything you’ll need on a delicious table, namely in your kitchen, is in Bizim Mutfak.

Who is in the kitchen of these flavors?

Bizim Mutfak flavors, which are produced with the most meticulous conditions in the Izmir plant of Turkey’s largest powdered food producer Ajinomoto, are developed with the cutting-edge technology research and development (R&D) works, and special flavors suitable for Turkish palate are offered to your tables.

Bizim Mutfak products, which fill the tables in 4 different flavor categories with soups, bouillons, seasoning blends and dessert varieties, are both convenient and delicious.

The flavor journey of Bizim Mutfak will be in full swing with new products, and your tables will be colored with our convenient flavors.



Reduced Salt Soups

Legume Soups

Bone Broth Based Soups

Classic Soups


Reduced Salt Bouillons

Bone Broth Bouillons

Free Range Chicken Broths

%100 Local Stock Meat Bouillons

Seasoning Blends

Crispy Breadcrumbs

Meatball Seasoning Mix

Vegetable Seasoning



Whipped Cream & Chocolate Sauce



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